Runthru &
Service now

Runthru x ServiceNow

Because Runthru connects to the ServiceNow API it’s too easy to get more out of your ServiceNow account:

  1. Document any procedure with Runthru and then deploy it directly into the ServiceNow knowledge base.
  2. Instant fully-formatted ServiceNow knowledge articles
  3. Runthru connects to ServiceNow directly using the ServiceNow API.

Instant knowledge articles:

Rapidly capture the knowledge and instantly create fully formatted ServiceNow Knowledge Articles

Automatic structure & layout:

Automatic reformatting of the creator’s work to suit the ServiceNow Knowledge Base. One step in WalkThru delivers a screenshot (with counter markup) as well as an ordered procedure in text (including an automatic snip of the important area of the screen)

Instant navigation:

Automatically create a table of contents in the ServiceNow Knowledge Article to allow the user to quickly find the applicable section.

Get in touch to talk about integrating ServiceNow to your Runthru subscription