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Break down barriers and enable the experts on a process to create knowledge articles in ServiceNow without involving IT

Runthru + ServiceNow

Many of our customers have chosen to run core aspects of their digital business on ServiceNow’s platform, including their centralised knowledge base. This enables companies to make knowledge searchable and consistent across their organisation.

However, creating knowledge articles often requires technical expertise, with basic HTML skills required, drastically limiting the audience of potential knowledge authors in an organization. Creating image heavy knowledge articles is particularly painful and inefficient, requiring the user to manually capture, mark up and export images using disperate programs.

Runthru’s premium ServiceNow integration solves these issues, drastically increasing the quality, efficiency and accessibility of creating knowledge articles to help customers realise real centralized knowledge management.

The top three value points we deliver our customers with this powerful integration are:
Instant knowledge articles.

Rapidly capture the knowledge and instantly create fully formatted ServiceNow Knowledge Articles without any technical expertise.

Standised structure.

Automatically reformat work to suit the custom ServiceNow Knowledge Base you’ve created. In one step we deliver screenshots accompanied by ordered procedure in text. Best part is, you can ensure it looks the same, every time, across all knowledge articles.

Instant navigation.

Automatically create a table of contents in the ServiceNow Knowledge Article to allow the user to quickly find the applicable section.

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