Runthru +
Microsoft Teams

Make the knowledge capture, collaboration and sharing process seamless with Runthru and Teams

Runthru + Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has taken the world by storm, with over 44 million people using the platform every day. It’s been used by people in every industry to collaborate and make teams more productive.

We believe Runthru and Microsoft Teams can be a powerful combination to increase collaboration on and accessibility of documentation.

That's why we have built a custom integration with Teams, currently in customer beta and soon to be added to our Runthru Enterprise + plan.

The Runthru Teams app extends Runthru’s core capabilities, opening new documentation collaboration experiences, inside of Microsoft Teams.

Create drafts quickly

The experience starts with snapping and marking up screenshots like you do today in Runthru with our intelligent tools that help you save time.

You can then output these into a Microsoft Teams channel as a Word, PowerPoint or SKICK file quickly so you can get to quickly collaborating.


Collaborate on documents

Whether it’s a quick reference guide, standard operating procedure or PowerPoint presentation, collaboration is crucial to making sure documents are accurate and up to date.

Utilise the native chat integration to collaborate across key stakeholders on documents posted in Teams and start a thread with comments to capture key changes.

Word and PowerPoint outputs into Microsoft Teams are automatically uploaded into the channels files tab, ensuring they enable group editing and live updates.

Immerse yourself in finished files

With the Teams integration, we have developed a brand new file format, SKICK

This format is particularly exciting and is something we tailored for the web and designed to be your Sidekick, SKICK is our custom player that makes documentation interactive.

With the ability to integrate images, text, audio and video, SKICKs make communicating and taking in information easy. They are easy to put together and are the perfect format for training & eLearning materials, QRG's and presentations.

Learn about SKICK

Access key documents with ease

Finalised SKICK, Word and PowerPoint documents can be pinned to a channel for easy access to everyone. You can also view all the SKICK for your channel in one place, making it easy to find the right SKICK and keep them all up to date!

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