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Runthru by Sidekick Software is an intelligent tool that helps you create & share knowledge in an efficient, standardised and professional way.


The world is changing, fast. Companies in every industry are transforming to become digital first.

They are doing this to engage more deeply with their customers, increase their efficiency and ensure business continuity.

At Sidekick, we have been keen observers of the move to digital-first processes and have seen some consistent challenges every company faces as they go through this change.

Lack of Efficiency in Creating Documents

Creating image-heavy documents is time-consuming, especially juggling between Snipping Tool, Paint & Microsoft Office to take screenshots, mark them up, format then publish them.

Failure to Standardise Documents

After you have created digital documents, it’s common to see inconsistencies arising across different teams, causing confusion and compliance issues.

Challenges in Ongoing Knowledge Management

Ensuring that these digital documents are centralised, searchable and updated is the last core step that we see people struggle with. Documents sprawl in different formats across different document storage solutions.

Introducing Runthru

A tool for you to become better at your job.

Professionals across the world are using Runthru, a smart tool that can digitise processes, save time and deliver high-quality documentation.

It was built to address the challenges we see how our customers have as they move to creating digital first processes.

Save time and cost

Take the pain out of using the Snipping Tool, Paint and PowerPoint to create instructional documents.

Use Runthru to create how to guides, standard operating procedures, knowledge articles and eLearning files in between 10-30% of the time depending on the format.

Reduce Compliance Risks

Create consistency across all your core documents with templates that are easy to create.

Ensure compliance thru making sure your policies and operating procedures are always up to date with quick image replacement, whilst maintaining image markup.

Centralise & Keep Knowledge Updated

Feed standardised, professional documents into knowledge management systems, such as:

  • SharePoint
  • ServiceNow
  • Confluence

without technical experience, opening up knowledge creation to everyone in the organisation.

Companies succeeding with Runthru