Runthru. The Features.

The features built into Runthru are ingenious and automated so all you need to worry about it is getting the expertise and knowledge down. Runthru literally takes care of the rest...

The Runthru enterprise solution accelerates and optimises organisational procedure documentation strategies and outcomes for large enterprises.

  • Businesses are exposed to all kinds of risks every day and the biggest risk of all is lack of documentation.

  • Key talent may leave or be unavailable and their insights, knowledge, processes or techniques have not been documented.

  • Performance variance, through operational inconsistency or lack of compliance with industry requirements/standards, can leave companies exposed. One way to head risk off at the pass is to have your documentation, procedures and processes in ship-shape.

  • Runthru is a compact, yet powerful, software tool for enterprises to get and be compliant fast; with minimal set up and training requirements.

What you'll love about Runthru:

Snap superfast screenshots.

The time saving ‘always-on’ Snap button sits in your dock ready to capture your screen and trigger Runthru into action, meaning you cut to the chase faster.

Clever auto-markup tools.

Say goodbye to fiddly arrows, numbers, text boxes and multiple programs. Do everything in one place at the same time.

The ingenious live editing panel.

Ingenious tools like the live editing panel, that lets you re-order on the go.

Multiple auto-outputs to your favourite programs.

Save time with fuss-free template based output options exported direct from Runthru to your preferred program/format such as Word, Powerpoint, video, image or html. Let Runthru do the heavy-lifting.

Custom layouts to suit your company and industry needs.

A ‘made-to-order’ fully customised bespoke solution for enterprises and organisations where it’s imperative to stay on brand and on point.
Contact us to talk about your requirements.

Your corporate logo set up in the branded templates.

Ensure standardisation and conformance across your organisation with your corporate logo embedded in your Runthru templates. Marketing and the C-suite will love it. Contact us to talk about your brand requirements.

Watch this 'quick look' at Runthru to see how it works.