Create a self-service knowledge culture, built on discoverable, high quality and compliant knowledge documents.

How it Works in 5 Easy Steps

Create knowledge documents through custom pre structured templates using text, tables, screenshots, images and video


Use intelligent tools to save time and ensure compliance as you turn it into a procedural document


Take finished documents and publish into online knowledge bases, Microsoft Office files or an eLearning format


Documents in knowledge bases with easy to use meta-data tagging, ensuring discoverability.


Remove barriers to updating existing documents by helping replace underlying images without losing markup


“Runthru produces Support Guides in at least 50% less time than if I was to create these from scratch

As a part time resource with limited time to complete many Training & Testing related documentation tasks, Runthru makes me a lot more efficient without sacrificing compliance.”

Francoise Ballard, Change Manager, University of NSW IT

Key Features

Pre-structured templates
Branded document publishing
Seamless knowledge article creation
Intelligent image editing
Advanced image capture
Replacement mode for document updating
Surface in Microsoft Teams
Powerful authoring of text and tables
Easy metadata tagging

What Separates Runthru from it’s Competitors?

Easy to use

Runthru is intuitive by design and quick to deploy across any organisation. It makes getting to value a very short time horizon.

Clever markup

Our advanced screenshot capture, editing and markup functionality is world class

True standardisation

We ensure consistency across documents with pre structured templates and branding for published.

Deep integrations

Our integrations into knowledge management systems make documents easy to find, update and manage.