An intelligent tool that helps you create and share knowledge in an efficient, standardised and professional way.

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About Runthru

Runthru was built over 7 years to address core challenges as businesses move to digital-first processes.

Whether it be for creating how to guides, QRG’s, knowledge articles, eLearning material, PowerPoint presentations or standard operating procedures, we saw consistent challenges in lack of efficiency, quality, standardisation and ongoing knowledge management. This was costing organisations a fortune.

Runthru was built to help with these challenges and works with four core functions:
Runthru was built to help with these challenges and works with four core functions:
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1. Capture

1. Capture

Three example windows offset from eachother with the snap tool next to them

"Smart" Screenshots.

Screenshot tools are a dime a dozen, but none compare to the features of Runthru.

Take intelligent screenshots for your documents in seconds and update existing images in documents in no time, without losing your existing work.

Timer Function
A screen with the snap tool in the bottom right hand corner

Do what other screenshot applications can’t.

Capture drop-down menus and popup windows in one snap.

Replacement Mode
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Update existing images in 10% of the time by replacing them while keeping the markup.

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2. Markup

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Clever Markup Tools

Say goodbye to fiddly arrows, static numbers, and text boxes across Paint, Word, and PowerPoint.

Use intelligent markup tools for faster and more professional document creation, all in one place. See the benefits immediately by reducing document creation time by up to 70% and document editing by up to 90%.

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Auto Counters

Intelligently order steps in a process with automated numbering

Four numbered counters with an arrow indicating to move number two between number 3 and number 4 to rearange them
Live editing panel

Easily re-order counter numbers and automatically update the order

A grid of editing tool icon
Editing tools

Use advanced tools such as Blur, Erase and Crop to ensure your image is clear and is free of sensitive information

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3. Publish

Capture your knowledge once and Runthru will automatically convert your work into the format that best suits your audience.

Deliver ongoing value to your organisation with easy standardisation and effective centralised knowledge management.

Microsoft Office

Convert to fully formatted Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and HTML documents to create high quality and standardised operating procedures and branded company presentations.

An example Microsoft Word document, Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, and Microsoft Outlook email

Knowledge Base Integrations

Use Runthru to output into ServiceNow, Confluence and SharePoint to surface important documentation in these core knowledge bases without any technical work, drastically increasing the potential knowledge authors in an organisation.

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eLearning Option

Amplify the impact of learning documents through outputting into eLearning tools, enabling you to show a process to an end user in digestible 10-second steps with the option to attach audio.

A screen with three eLearning frames spanning over the left and right of the screen
An example SKICK in Microsoft Teams An example SKICK in Microsoft Teams
Collaboration and Communication Platforms

Coming soon is the ability to output to Microsoft Teams to improve your ability to collaborate on creating documentation and to pin the information to where people in the teams are, to ensure ease of access.

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