Runthru: PowerPoint Output Guide

PowerPoint Output Guide

Choosing the ' Output ' button reveals the Publishing Panel.

Clicking an output type will reveal additional choices related to that selection.

Checking this box will include the Frame Titles in outputs that support that inclusion.

It is possible to create outputs that include only a subset of the document's Frames.

Note : If Checked Frames is selected, an additional option will appear to automatically renumber the steps starting from 1 for the published output.

Click here to choose PowerPoint output choices.

This image shows the PowerPoint output choices.

Clicking on ' Advanced Setting ' will reveal additional options related to PowerPoint output.

Click here if you want to show Text on the Image .

Choosing ' Publish ' will prompt you to save your new PowerPoint file.

This Image is the PowerPoint output chosen in the above Image.

Prepared frames with markups appear in the center of each slide.