Runthru and Operations

Achieve operational excellence and compliance through creating high quality Standard Operating Procedures in 30% of the time


With the explosion of data and procedures in large corporates, the complexity of operations has increased substantially.

With so much chaos to simplify and organise, operations has a critical role in the company’s success, but we commonly see challenges to achieving this:

Outdated procedures

With new tasks flowing in everyday, it’s easy to let procedures fall out of date and become inaccurate.

Inaccurate documentation leads to incorrect execution, which can be costly.

Compliance issues

Providing documentation and evidence of core processes are often critical for compliance.

Without standardisation, levels of compliance can vary greatly across an organisation.

Decentralised information

With high staff turnover and friction in creating procedural documentation, key operational IP gets lost without being passed along, creating inefficiency as new staff come onboard.

Runthru and Operations

Runthru makes documenting knowledge simpler

Operations teams are using Runthru to move from ad-hoc documentation practices towards a sustainable, efficient and standardised practice that ensures compliance.

Create consistent Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Using one tool, create SOP’s with identical processes, formatting and branding.

Create huge efficiency gains, giving staff back 70% of the time they previously spent on creating SOP’s.

Mitigate risks of inaccuracy and out of date details

Make updating SOPs an efficient and trackable process, using clever tools like replacement mode to easily replace images without losing markup and built in update and approval tracking.

Updating SOP’s can be done in as little as 10% of the time staff would have spent without using Runthru.

Output into centralised knowledge repositories.

Ensure standardisation and ease of use when you output documentation into knowledge management systems like ServiceNow, Confluence and SharePoint through our direct integrations.

Hear what users are saying

“Runthru is the most exceptional document creation process I have seen. It is extremely easy to use, has a lot of publishing options and the help from the team is fantastic.”

Julie Headford, Inenco

“With Runthru I turn a 20 page document that would’ve taken a day to produce into a 2 hour task”

Karen Nand, Insight CRM Project, UNSW Global

“The team used Runthru to prepare material for an upgrade, and it has been a godsend.”

Annalise Graham, Raytheon