Runthru and the benefits it delivers to the people who use it.

If your work role includes responsibility for documentation like QRGs, Job Guides, Knowledge Base articles, e-learning content and How-To guides once you try Runthru you will never look back.

What's great about Runthru

Many document authors and knowledge workers grapple with either word processing programs that are not fit-for-purpose or solutions that are way too complex.

So if you are still labouring away with decades-old software or are utterly overwhelmed by bloated enterprise solutions or complex specialist software don’t put off your essential business documentation any longer …

  • Easily output ‘End User’ documents like Manuals & Guides

  • Perfect for training materials such as technical How-Tos, QRGs, work instructions, knowledge base assets, runbooks and more

  • All templates are pre-formatted, so no designing or layout required

  • Standardise your SOPs

  • Corporate branding can be set up, so the Marketing will love you and your work

  • Runthru's powerful automatic formatting does all the heavy lifting, you just input the intel

  • Easily generate e-learning assets more quickly than video

  • Capture steps, content and screens quickly and easily

  • Output directly from Runthru to Word, PDF, html or PowerPoint for easy knowledge dissemination

  • Integrates with ServiceNow & Confluence