Runthru and
Robotic Process
Automation (RPA)

Get your organisation ready for robotic process automation through capturing as-is processes at a keystroke level

Runthru and Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation represents the future of digital processes.

It involves training bots, through user observation, to automate many of the time-consuming tasks we do at work each day.

It’s an exciting vision, but one that even the most sophisticated of businesses have struggled to deploy.

There are three main challenges businesses are experiencing with RPA.

Multiple human variations to processes

For a given process, there will be several human variations, many of which are undocumented.

Without accounting for these variations, automation is difficult.

RPA tools aren’t platforms, they are pieces

Contrary to popular belief, RPA tools rely on a variety of other tools to be successful.

This is especially true in documenting broad as-is process in the business, which is crucial for an integrated, sustainable RPA solution.

It’s not effective unless it’s integrated

If automated processes aren’t connected to core business policies and procedures, it’s very difficult to attain real impact.

Updating policies in isolation of updating the automation also creates problems and destroys the benefits.

Runthru and
RPA Benefits
Runthru help create a clear picture of processes to prepare for true, integrated RPA

RunRPA, a premium add-on to Runthru, accelerates and optimises document creation for teams tasked with implementing automation into enterprises and organisations.

Empower your BA’s and SME’s to easily collaborate and deliver PDD’s and Work Instructions faster on the format

Enable Solution Designers to be more productive with detailed and concise documentation

Reduce business continuity risk with ‘human instructions’ that are simple to keep up to date

Bring standardisation to your automation team to reduce mistakes and delivery timelines

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