Runthru: Embedding Runthru into SharePoint

Embedding your Runthru file into SharePoint

Create your Runthru content and publish to HTML.

Deploy the HTML files to a location where they can be accessed securely (https). Record this URL.

This is our example content in a browser.

Change to your SharePoint instance.

Create a new page. New > Site Page.

Add a name.

Add content using the plus.

Select Embed.

This section appears.

This panel reveals the editor.

The URL has to be combined with some other required parts.

The example URL is this:

and our reformatted text for SharePoint is this:

<iframe src="" width="800" height="100%"></iframe>

You should put your URL into this format and paste your text into the box.

Note : You may need to tell SharePoint that this example or your own URL is acceptable - if you do face this issue SharePoint provides a link to those instructions).

Your content should display here.