Adding a SlideMaster in PowerPoint

Runthru has reported that the chosen PowerPoint template does not have a SlideMaster called Heading3.

(The report can be run in Runthru using Edit > Check Template

A snip of the report appears below.

The requirement is to add a new SlideMaster called Heading3 with two placeholders called Title 1 and Text Placeholder 2.

Find the PowerPoint template

Runthru's PowerPoint template is usually in your Documents folder: Documents\Runthru\Templates\[your template or Default]\[templatename.potx]

Once you have found your PowerPoint template you need to open it in a special way.

Right click the file.

Choose Open

This opens the PowerPoint template for editing.

This should be your template name (ending in .potx) not 'Presentation1' or similar.

Select View

Select Slide Master

Add New Layout

The Slide Master view is shown.

Right click in this column and choose Insert Layout

The new element appears here.

Right click the new element and Choose Rename Layout

Make the name Heading3

Press Rename

Select the Home tab

In the Editing Group choose Select > Selection Panel

The Selection panel appears and shows the placeholders.

Select the Title.

The selected object is highlighted here. If this not called Title 1, double click and rename it to Title 1.

You can style the Title using the Font group.

Insert Text Placeholder

Select the Slide Master tab

Select Text from the Insert Placeholder list.

Drag a rectangle to add the placeholder

Rename to Text Placeholder 2

Return to the Slide Master tab (if necessary)

Press Close Master View.

Save the file. Close the file.


You've now updated the PowerPoint template.

You can now rerun the Edit > Check Template and Runthru should report as shown below