Runthru and Service Desk

Reduce friction in change and meet project deadlines through creating top quality learning materials in 30% of the time

Service Desk Challenges

In a digital world, expectations are high. Whether they come from employees or customers, challenges are expected to be acknowledged, worked on, and fixed at a faster rate than ever before.

Service Desk plays a pivotal role in meeting these expectations, but faces considerable hurdles before they can:

Knowledge can’t be documented fast enough

IP commonly sits inside the heads of a small group of people.

With the demands on Service Desk and the tedious nature of translating IP to consumable documentation, it’s often hard to keep up with information demand and being able to provide accurate answers.

Inconsistent and decentralised knowledge

Once IP is documented, many Service Desks find it difficult to create standardised materials as different departments have different templates and required levels of detail.

They also struggle to centralise this knowledge into their repository because of the technical barriers that can exist publishing to platforms like ServiceNow.

Out of date knowledge articles

As well as capturing the knowledge in the first place, keeping it up to date and tracking changes is painful, with image-heavy documentation often requiring service staff to start again once it becomes time to update.

Runthru and Service Desk

Runthru gives Service Desk back control

Service Desks are using Runthru to move from ad-hoc knowledge processes towards an agile practice that ensures compliance

Quickly document IP with professional knowledge articles

Take the frustration out of knowledge transfer by reducing time to create knowledge articles by up to 70%!

Using our clever image capture and markup tools, complex knowledge articles can be created in minutes and shared across the organisation.

Make knowledge articles consistent and easy to find

As you're capturing knowledge, ensure ease of access through publishing knowledge articles directly into knowledge repositories like ServiceNow, SharePoint and Confluence.

Ensure consistency across teams with our customised company branding packs.

Improve long term value of documentation

Make it easy to update knowledge articles after creation with Runthru’s clever replacement mode, allowing you to replace underlying images without losing markups.

Track updates to files and associated approvals from within Runthru to make sure you stay in sync and always know who to ask if you have questions about material in an article.

Hear what users are saying

“With Runthru I can create help guides in 90% less time than it would normally take. I know of no other tool that allows you to publish in so many formats.”

Rob Wilkins, Leader Information Management Systems, NSW Education

“Runthru takes documentation out of the 'too hard basket’.”

Service Experience Coordinator