Runthru and Change Management

Reduce friction in change and meet project deadlines by creating top quality learning materials in 30% of the time

Runthru and Change Management

As businesses move to digital-first processes, effective change management and ongoing training are critical to success.

With our customers, we see that effective and continued end user education are the difference between a failed technology investment and successful widescale tech adoption and change.

Achieving “great” end user change management isn’t easy though and we see learning and development, change and training managers are facing common issues in their daily jobs:

Creating learning materials is inefficient.

When rolling out new technology or changes in a digital process, creating learning materials is a tedious exercise.

It takes valuable time and mistakes are very hard to fix.

Engaging end users is difficult.

Engaging the audience is key to creating real learning outcomes and it can be hard to do this with Word and PowerPoint documents.

Moving to proper eLearning platforms can be costly and time-consuming to update, creating a trade-off between end user value and efficiency.

Materials lose their value quickly.

In a SaaS world with new technology updates monthly, sometimes across the entire technology portfolio of the company, documents quickly become outdated.

Engage end users through powerful eLearning alternatives

Publish your training materials into our SKICK player to create engaging guides in 10% of the time of other eLearning platforms.

Break up steps effectively to allow employees to learn at their own pace and attach audio to reinforce information.

Create clearer training materials in 30% of the time

Using the intelligent markup tools of Runthru, you save lots of time creating step by step training guides.

If you make a mistake, Runthru’s live editing panel can help easily adjust all other steps in the document.

Once you're done, you can push out high quality, standardised training materials into the output that suits you.

Easily update existing materials to ensure they keep their value

Use Runthru’s replacement mode to replace an underlying screenshot without losing the markup, drastically reducing total document updating time.

Only replace what you need to and never miss a document update again.

Hear what users are saying

“You capture your screens, do your numbering and then your output. It’s so much quicker than other tools.”

Fiona Boath, Learning and Development Consultant

“Runthru has enabled us to easily create high quality training material. The Sidekick team have been great to work with!”

Lee Jones, Training Manager, King and Wood Mallesons