Runthru & Business Analysts

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Business Analysts

With the explosion of data and information, companies have more “inputs” to guide their strategy than ever before.

These inputs create more opportunity, but also introduce new complexity.

Business Analysts help organisations across industries take this complexity of inputs, simply and come to a data driven recommendation, which can be a tough mandate!

Overcomplicating analysis.

Inputs into a BA’s analysis can be wide and can deal with complex issues.

When sharing the results of this analysis to executives, it can be challenging to synthesis and highlight the most critical aspects to inform their decisions.

Delivering unclear requirements.

After decisions have been made, communicating the details of what needs to get done is critical and can take lots of time across a variety of tool sets, especially when marking up designs, product mockups or screenshots.

Not producing instructions for continued execution.

If things can’t be executed after they have been implemented, they usually aren’t worthwhile.

Creating clear instructions for everyone to continue to execute as BA’s move to other projects is an often forgotten and avoided step, due to the time and effort required.

Runthru & Business Analysts

Runthru makes communicating complicated analysis simpler

Business Analysts across the world are using Runthru to simplify the complex and enable people to make better decisions.

Build high quality presentations

Use Runthru’s intelligent markup tools to provide context on data, screenshots, designs and mockups, ensuring the most important information is conveyed to arm executives to make decisions.

Deliver clear implementation requirements

Take decisions and give clear requirements to other teams on implementation in half the time, mixing images and text in a easy to follow word document

Quickly create procedural guides to ensure continued execution

Take implemented strategy and turn it into guidance for ongoing execution with our interactive SKICK player.

Mix text, images, audio and video to convey information needed effectively to ensure quality execution.

Hear what users are saying

“We went live with a release which was for 23,000 employees – everyone is using the How Do I Guides all generated from Runthru and we are getting some great feedback on the quality of the material!”

Kaye Mcclure, NSW Education

“I just used RunThru to mark-up system testing feedback. Where has it been all my life!”

Lesleigh Ross, Director, Valiente

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